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Cernos Gel (Testogel) from Sun Pharma Spain

Cernos Gel from Sun Pharma is a steroid gel for sale in our store that contains pure testosterone. The drug is produced in the form of foil sachets (14 packs in a box), each of which contains 5 mg of gel. It is a light, transparent, slightly viscous gel or ointment with a persistent alcoholic odor. The active ingredients are testosterone and essential oils. Additional ingredients are: sodium hydroxide, carbopol, ethanol, isopropyl myristate, and purified water. This composition favors the short-term absorption of the gel by the skin tissues. For bodybuilding, Testosterone Gel with 1% Testosterone provides a necessary content of the hormone in the blood with daily use.

Effects of Testosterone Gel

Testosterone has the following effects:

  • Promotes the development of muscles and genitals
  • Stimulates the appearance and retention of secondary sexual characteristics
  • Regulates protein metabolism, also in women
  • Evenly distributes subcutaneous tissues
  • Regulates the secretion and excretion of gonadotropins

These processes are combined according to the principle of anabolic action, the goal of which is to stimulate the formation of proteins with a simultaneous retention of components that are important for the structural construction of protein cells. Due to this, muscle tissue grows significantly, and persistent bone fixation of potassium is also observed.

How to use testosterone gel

In order to obtain a high-quality testosterone boosting result, you must strictly follow the instructions for its use:

  • Testosterone gel is applied exclusively externally, preferably in the morning at the same time. The usage frequency rate is once a day.
  • After opening the sachet, the drug is immediately applied to the previously washed and well-dried skin on the abdomen and shoulders without intensive rubbing. After that, you should wash your hands well. You can put on your clothes five minutes after the gel dries.
  • It is forbidden to use the gel on the genital and mammary areas of the skin. Because it contains a sufficient amount of ethanol, these areas can be severely irritated.
  • On the third day of using the gel, it is recommended to do a daily blood test for testosterone. If the indicator increases, then the dose is adjusted down. If there is an insufficient value, a gradual increase (by 2.5 mg per day) of the dose is made, but in any case it should not exceed the use of 10 mg per day.
  • After the application of the gel, it is forbidden to take a shower, enter a swimming pool, bath or sauna, as well as have sexual intercourse within the next five hours. This time must be maintained so that the gel is completely absorbed, as well as to avoid accidental transmission by body contact.

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